7 easy steps for building your ObTiMA trial

ObTiMA allows you to focus on your research needs and requirements.

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We help researchers to design and conduct clinical trials!

Step 1 - Trial Design

Design your trial according the ontology based structure with data logic support and version management

Step 5 - Create Sites

Add sites to your trial according your protocol

Step 2 - Create CRFs

Define your CRF layout, data structure, use dynamic capabilities or reuse forms and data elements from CRF repository.

Step 6 - Register subjects

Include, exclude otr enroll subjects with dynamic eligibility checking

Step 3 - Create Events

Define event type (scheduled, unscheduled, repeating, etc.) and select CRFs that are associated with the event

Step 7 - Conduct trial

Electronic Data Capture with data input, modification, validation, export, etc.

Step 4 - Create Users

Create trial users and manage their access privileges

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